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The Hot Tank

Did you know "hot tub" is one of the most used filters on booking sites?

Incorporating one as part of your amenities can significantly boost your occupancy rates and extend your season. Offering a warm and soothing retreat in any weather, our Hot Tanks will undoubtedly elevate the outdoor experience. While a plethora of hot tub products are available, our goal was to embrace a back-to-basics approach to bathing in nature while keeping the costs down for a low barrier to entry. Born out of the versatility of the humble stock tank, they’ll liven up any site with their fun, rustic charm.

The details

Bathe in nature, with the Hot Tank. Our take on a back-to-basics hot tub, it's a unique experience for any stay. The Hot Tank has a capacity of 130 gallons, gets up to temperature in around 10-20 minutes (depending on weather and variants) and is made up of just a few hassle-free components: 

  • A Hastings Nebraska stock tank
  • Drain plug & tank-to-fire pit connections
  • Hot tub heater coil, made from 304 stainless steel tubing. 
  • Fire guard & separate laser cut, stainless steel fire pit

Pro Package
$2,600, excluding tax and shipping

Included as standard

  • Stock tank: The original and best Hastings Nebraska stock tank. 4 ply locked seams, 22mm steel pipe rolled top edge. Prepped ready for heating coil attachment (approx. Capacity 495 l). We’ve selected the 5ft Stock Tank as the best all-rounder for the Hot Tank, in terms of size and heating efficiency. 

  • Stainless steel heater coil: High quality and extremely robust hot tub heater coil, made from six and a half metres of 1 and a quarter inch (32mm) 304 stainless steel tubing. Integral fire guard & separate laser cut, stainless steel fire pit. Includes 2 x 1m heat resistant hoses and tank connections.

Premium Package
$2,950, Excluding Tax and Shipping

Everything included in the standard package, plus: 

  • Insulated tank jacket: Marine grade canvas incorporated with an internal multi-foil insulation to keep in the heat and make bath time a lot more efficient - and colorful!

  • Insulated lids: Canvas or cedar: A tailored canvas lid incorporates the same multifoil insulation as our jackets and are perfect for closing up over night or longer periods of time. You can upgrade to a slatted cedar lid for £300, which helps to retain heat, act as a 'platform' when in use, and look great.

  • Stirring paddle: As the tank heats, the hot water will rise to the surface. Use our handcrafted stirring paddle to stir it up and ensure an even temperature.

  • Floating Thermometer: A super useful accessory, and a must for getting your hot tank heating spot on. Large, easy to read dial floating thermometer.

The Premium Package includes elements to make using your hot tank that little bit easier. The insulated tank jacket and lid drastically reduce heat-up times and retains the heat in your water for longer. The canvas lid also provides protection for your Hot Tank when it's not in use, making it easier to maintain.

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