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Breathing Trees, Santa Cruz, California

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ComingĀ Fall 2024!


Fuselage, Fuselage Link, Tree Tent, Wash Pod, and Hot Tanks


Santa Cruz, California

The 2020 CZU wildfire that ravaged our property took us off course, with the pandemic being insult to injury. As things were bouncing back we revisited our order with Tree Tents in 2023 and are excited to finally get their structures up for all to enjoy. To say that the Tree Tents team has been amazing throughout the process would be a gross understatement. We couldn't think of a better team to work through the intricacies with.

Jon & Amanda Proprietors

About Tree Tents

Combining the precision of aeronautical engineering and the romance of wild camping the 3m diameter Tree Tent is a truly special place to hunker down for that all year round, off-grid, wilderness experience. Suspended up in the tree tops the Tree Tent has a minimal impact on its environment but a huge impact with its guests.

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October 1st & 2nd 2024 Aurora, Colorado